About / High Rock Landing, a 100+ acre community located in the beautiful East End District of Grand Cayman, is an approved mixed-use development to be comprised of hospital facilities and services, residential housing, retail services, commercial office space, a retirement community and much more.



It's the proud home of the Health City Cayman Islands hospital.



A 23,000 SF Class A Commercial Centre at the heart of High Rock Landing. The centre includes retail, office, restaurant, and business suites.


An innovative development that provides support accommodation 

for Health City Cayman Islands. 

Health City Cayman Islands opened April 2014. Construction of the 107,000 SF state-of-the-art facility was completed in 12 months utilizing the newest technologies and techniques in hospital construction.


Health City Cayman Islands has expanded its intensive care unit (ICU).

Planned - Health City Cayman Islands will expand its oncology services to include a state of the art expansion wing, complete with radiation treatment and surgical oncology services.


Planned - A 1.2-megawatt solar farm to be installed to support Health City Cayman Islands Phase 1.